May/June Brain Cancer Awareness, in honor of Shannon Roberts

Last month (May) was Brain Cancer Awareness Month (grey ribbon) & this month (June) is National Cancer Survivor Month (purple ribbon). This clip is purple and is engraved with "18k-->0" on the outside to remind us of the 18,000 people each year that are defeated by this awful brain cancer disease...we want to help in any way to get this number down to 0. On the inside of the clip, it is engraved in grey with the initials S.L.R. These are the initials of Shannon Lia Roberts, the mother of a dear friend of mine, Katy Roberts. Shannon passed away 1/17/21 after a long, incredibly tough, but courageous battle with brain cancer. It is special that this month's color is purple as this was Shannon's signature favorite color. We want to remember and honor those who have fought hard here on Earth but also encourage others fighting to hold on to hope for the future. By helping raise awareness and funds, we can play our own small role in helping bringing an end not only to this 18,000 number but also to all cancer patient statistics. We must keep helping and praying until everyone is apart of National Cancer Survivor Month.