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KClipped Collection?

The idea for this clip collection began while walking alongside my mom after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Although my secondhand observations are far different from someone personally going through this battle, I still am able to experience a glimpse of the hardship and pain. I witnessed what it is like for a woman to lose her hair. I became more aware of things I previously took for granted: putting a bobby pin in, curling my hair, or even brushing a hair knot out. Thus, the idea for this clip collection started. These clips stand as reminders to pray for our family and friends going through battles against cancer and to be thankful we have hair to put up or pull...

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Decided it was time to start taking my ideas and putting them into action; so here we are with KiCarCo, welcome. My name is Kimberly Caroline Cobb, leading to the name KiCarCo. I just finished graduate school this May and left Texas A&M University with a Masters in Finance and Bachelors in Accounting. I am so excited to share these current products, and I look forward to the products to come! 

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